We are leading a movement towards ethical treatments of elephants. Riding elephants continues to be an unethical practice due to the use of heavy metal saddles, ropes, sharp hooks and torture tactics to discipline the incredibly intelligent animals. Upon extensive research and consideration, we made an executive decision to remove visits to elephant trekking camps, replacing them with trips to ethical elephant sanctuaries where we can positively impact the lives of these animals. We are the first company in North America to completely remove visits to elephant trekking camps and we hope that others follow in our footsteps.

The wild Asian elephant is a fully protected Endangered Species. Thailand's tourism industry employs over 2,000 elephants and some experts put the total number of wild elephants in Thailand below 1,000. Over the years, Thailand and surrounding countries has seen a rapid decline in the Asian elephant population and tourism continues to fuel this decline.

We understand the importance of having a positive impact on this world and continue to do everything we can do to improve the unique experiences we offer our travellers and the wellbeing of the communities we travel to.

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