Day One

  • Boarding begins in the afternoon from Bodrum Harbour
  • Welcome speech from our team and yacht crew
  • Dinner onboard the yacht before the first night out as a group at White House Club, then Club Catamaran!
  • Optional Experiences: Sightsee at one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World and the landmark of the city, the Castle of Saint Peter (FREE). Entrance to Club Catamaran (5 Euros).

Day Two

  • Kos is the second largest of the 12 Dodecanese Islands and has a very mild climate and very fertile lands. Kos has some of the best nightlife of all the islands. Nafklirou, a street full of bars, is always crowded, colourful, and full of life.
  • Depart at 6 AM for Kos, with a swim stop along the way. Once arrived, we will have a free day of exploring the town, with dinner on the boat & an evening out on Nafklirou.
  • Optional Experiences: Buggy and/or scooter rentals (from 20 Euro), or Nerantzia Castle Fort exploring (4 Euro) or shopping.

Day Three

  • Astypalaia (pronounced [asti'palea]) is quaint little Greece island just over 11 miles long that is home to under 1400 residents. Although it may be small, it boasts a vast amount of beauty. We can't wait to show you what this little island has in store for us! 
  • Spend the day exploring the Kaminakia or Agios Konstantinos beach, and/or the Astypalaia Castle while sampling local delicacies (spanakopita anyone?!) and wines. 
  • Optional Experiences: Beach or castle exploration, rent a canoe or try out windsurfing (15 - 30 Euro) to take in the crystal blue waters and gorgeous surroundings!

Day Four

  • Santorini is an incredibly unique island made up mostly from volcanic rock, which has caused an unbelievable terrain. Fira (the capital city) is literally found along a gigantic cliff, which leaves amazing views all over the city and makes for hundreds of beautiful sunset spots. 
  • There is a lot to see and do on this island. The main means of transportation is ATVs which makes cruising around the island a really fun day. There are tons of beaches to visit, a nice lighthouse on the southern tip of the island, and amazing views from the monastery which is on the highest peak of the island.
  • Optional Experiences: Hike along Fira trail (FREE), visit one (or two, we don't judge!) wineries (Price Varies), stop by museums/archaeological sites, or kick back on any of the pristine beaches. 

Day Five

  • Ios is known for its parties; they have pool parties everyday and tons of clubs if you are still kicking at night. There are lots of beautiful beaches to nurse the hangover, or you can always just go straight back to another pool party! 
  • The day will be spent doing a boat trip checking out some caves that you swim into, along with some snorkelling at a wreck of an old supply ferry that sank many years ago. After that, we will have lunch on a beach that is only reachable by boat. The music will be pumping all day and the beers will be flowing! If you want you can rent an ATV and check out a bunch of other beaches around the island.
  • Optional Experiences: Try out snorkelling (20 Euro) or scuba diving (60- 100 Euro) or sit back and grab a cocktail at one of the surrounding beaches and work on your tan before an unforgettable night out on the town.

Day Six

  • Paros is famous for its gorgeous beaches and traditional-style villages, making it the perfect ground to re-group between the hustle and bustle of Ios & Mykonos to just kick back and soak in the gorgeous scenery, try out the incredible local cuisine and (of course) fine wine!
  • Spend the day marvelling at the impressive whitewashed mansions and historical buildings, or wander through the villages of Náoussa or Léfkes for a stunning view of the entire island. If you feel like kicking back on a beach, or trying out windsurfing, there are multiple beaches on this glorious island to do just that!
  • Optional Experiences: Hike through local villages, visit historic fortresses (FREE) or try out windsurfing!

Day Seven

  • They call Mykonos the Ibiza of Greece, and its obvious why. The parties here are insane, Paradise and Super Paradise beach are two of the main party spots, with parties on the beach all day and night. If you like a good day party on the beach this is the spot; with the beach lined with sun chairs and a giant club behind it, you can chill and drink on the beach and head straight to the dancing once the sun sets. Good vibes to be had all around.
  • Optional Experiences: Visit a local organic vineyard & farm to taste some local wine and cheese, or stop by Matoyianni Street to do some shopping before venturing off to some of Greece's top clubs in the evening.

Day Eight

  • Depart the boat by 8am after breakfast. Say your goodbyes, and start planning your next LBW trip! Flights depart at various times throughout the day.

Please note that this tour works on an alternating schedule, with the first week starting the route above, and the following working in reverse. If you have any questions about your particular tour, please email info@lbwtravel.com or call us at 1-888-749-3747.