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YachtLife Greece will make you fall in love all over again. This adventure will take you by sea to many of Greece's most coveted islands (Naxos, Little Cyclades, Delos, Rhinia, Santorini, Ios, Paros and Mykonos) while letting you get to know a large group of travellers from around the globe.

 The list of possible activities is nearly endless; spend your days snorkelling, kicking back on a floatie, indulging in the local cuisine and wines or venturing through historic sites and ruins. We have picked out the best locations in Greece to be able to show you both the incredible culture of this mystical country, as well as its exciting party atmosphere. We absolutely love Greece, and cannot wait for you to too!

*There is a €150 cash fee payable during the tour to cover port fees and fuel

*There is air-conditioning on the ship, but it only runs when the ship has access to external power in port. Sometime the ship can be in port but still not have access to power.  

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  • Welcome Information Booklet
  • Fun, easy-going trip leaders to ensure you are always having an amazing time!
  • Accommodation: 7 nights on the Yacht
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner while on the Yacht
  • 8 days & 7 nights of yachting through Greece
  • DJs on board the boat to keep the party rocking
  • Theme Parties on the Yacht & on the Beach


We recommend you bring a minimum of €50/day extra spending money (but bring more if you want to do more) for the following:

  • Travel Visas
  • Travel insurance (purchase prior to the trip)
  • Snacks (breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided on the yachts)
  • Alcohol
  • Shopping
  • Transportation to personal excursions and/or any activities not included in the tour
  • Entrance fees to nightclubs not included and may come at an additional expense.
  • Local Organic Vineyard Wine Tour (Prices Vary)
  • Rent a Canoe/Wind Board (15-30 Euro)
  • Scuba Diving (60-100 Euro)
  • Snorkeling (20 Euro)
  • Buggy Rentals (From 50 Euro)
  • ATV/Quad Rentals (From 25 Euro)
  • Scooter Rentals (From 18 Euro)

    • Please Note: There is a fee of 150 Euro payable on the ship to cover the cost of fuel & port fees.