BANGKOK (1 Night) 

Day One

  • Check into the hotel and head straight out to explore bustling Bangkok. People will be arriving throughout the day and into the evening so there are no official plans this day other than settling in.
  • Included Experiences: Explore Khao San Road - a popular traveler hub full of roadside pop up bars, restaurants, food vendors, shopping and banging nightclubs. 

Day Two

  • Meet in the morning for an Orientation Meeting with your Group Leader and enjoy some fresh Thai Fruits before visiting the majestic Wat Po Temple in the afternoon. Take a trip to Asiatique for dinner before taking a night bus (8-10hrs) and ferry (2hrs) to Koh Tao.
  • Included Experiences: Group Orientation Meeting, Fruit Tasting, Visit Wat Po Temple.
  • Optional Activities: Tuk Tuk ride from Temple to Khao San (50 Baht), Asiatique (200 Baht)
KOH TAO (4 Nights) 

This beautiful small island has something for everyone and has been made famous for being an excellent location for snorkeling and scuba diving and its gorgeous views. You will love watching the sunset on the beach steps away from your bungalow.

Day Three

  • Arrive in Koh Tao just before lunch. Check into your rooms and enjoy some delicious Thai food overlooking the ocean before exploring the nearby shops and bars. Enjoy an afternoon on the beach!
  • Optional Activities: Paddle Boarding (250 Baht), Full Diving Course (8000 Baht)

Day Four

  • Enjoy a free day to soak up the sun or join us as we head out on a day trip to Freedom Bay; stunning views, crystal clear water and the friendliest beach dogs you'll ever come across! Grab a snorkel and test the waters to see what incredible sea life you can spot.
  • Optional Activities: Freedom Bay (300 Baht).

Day Five

  • We're waking up early for a Viewpoint Hike! Trek to the top of the Island and discover a hidden temple, guarded by a single monk. Prepare for stunning views that overlook the whole Island. Head back down for a free afternoon of beach side chilling and cocktail drinking, before heading out to one of South East Asia's largest pub crawls; pool party, fire dancing, live music and a lady boy cabaret's definitely not one to be missed!
  • Included Experiences: View Point Hike
  • Optional Activities: Koh Tao Pub Crawl (400 Baht)

Day Six

  • Today we're heading out on a boat trip to explore the beautiful island of Koh Nang Yuan; a tiny island with a big viewpoint which will probably be the backdrop of your next profile picture. Hike to the top for an incredible viewpoint, witness the stunning surroundings and enjoy snorkeling with the fishes.
  • Included Experiences: Island boat trip to Koh Nang Yuan, Snorkeling, Viewpoint Hike
KOH PHANGAN (4 Nights)

Koh Phangan is famous as being the host of the Full Moon Party and has an atmosphere that caters to those that love to party and also rehabilitate after. Chill out on soft white sand beaches, join a beach soccer tournament, relax with a traditional Thai Massage and get ready to PARTY!

Day Seven

  • Catch an early morning ferry (3 hrs) from Koh Tao across to Koh Phangan. Spend the afternoon chilling on the beach or exploring the shops before we head to a local night market for dinner. Make sure to fill up before the night pool party!
  • Included Experiences: Beach Day, Night Market, Pool Party

Day Eight

  • Spend the day discovering the beauties of Koh Phangan as we go on an Island Tour. Visit temples, viewpoints and enjoy privates beaches before we head into Haadrin, host town of the Full Moon Party, early evening for some food, shopping and to watch a professional Muay Thai Fight.
  • Included Experiences: Island Tour, Trip to Haadrin
  • Optional Activities: Professional Muay Thai Fight (300 Baht). 

Day Nine

  • Relaxing beach day before Thailand's Infamous Full Moon Party!
  • Included Experiences: Full Moon Party 
  • Optional Activities: Wipeout Course (750 Baht)

Day Ten

  • Today is a day of rest and recovery. Have a morning of freedom to do as you please, before we head to the 360 Viewpoint restaurant for dinner, and The Dome to replenish all that we lost the night before.
  • Included Experiences: The Dome, Transport to 360 Viewpoint Restaurant *Food and Drink not included*. 
  • Optional Activities: Massage (300 Baht)
KOH SAMUI (3 Nights)

Koh Samui is the 3rd largest island in Thailand and known for its beauty, great beaches, and vibrant nightlife. You will enjoy the pool at the hotel & 2-minute walk to the beach or bars, shopping, and tons of fantastic restaurants. Koh Samui also has great beach-front bars.

Day Eleven

  • Travel by ferry to Koh Samui (1hr), check into your rooms and spend the afternoon exploring the beaches. Get ready to enjoy a big night out as we check out the night time madness that Koh Samui has to offer.

Day Twelve

  • Explore this beautiful island on an inland Island Tour, stopping at Temples, Viewpoints and Markets.
  • Included Experiences: Island Tour

Day Thirteen

  • Enjoy a free day of beach side chilling, cocktail drinking or mall shopping or check out the various water-sports on offer.
  • Optional Activities: Water-sports (300-500 Baht)
RAILAY (4 Nights)

You know the post cards you see of Thailand? Most of them are from here! Get ready to soak up some seriously beautiful scenery on this small peninsula.

Day Fourteen

  • Get ready to catch the early morning ferry (2 hrs), take a bus (4 hrs) and then a longtail boat (20 mins) - we know, it's a lot of travelling but it'll be totally worth it when you see just how beautiful this place is!
  • Included Experience: Live Music and Fire show at Last Bar

Day Fifteen

  • Today we're heading out on an adventure. Put you're running shoes on and get ready to climb up to one of the most incredible viewpoints that overlooks the entire peninsula. Once we've climbed up, it's time to decide whether you would like to test your limits and continue on to brave the trek down to the hidden blue lagoon.
  • Included Experiences: Viewpoint Hike, Blue Lagoon

Day Sixteen

  • Wake up fresh and ready to go deep into the the dark Caves. Don't forget your head light! Spend the afternoon chilling on the beach and the evening watching a professional Muay Thai Fight.
  • Included Experiences: Caving
  • Optional Activities: Muay Thai Fight (50 Baht)

Day Seventeen

  • Today's your day to do as you please. Take advantage of the awesome rock climbing opportunities, head out on a sunset boat trip, chill by the pool or hang out on the beach. 
  • Optional Activities: Rock Climbing (800-1000 Baht), Boat Trip (1000 Baht)
KOH PHI PHI (3 Nights)

This tiny island is packed with views to die for, awesome restaurants, beach bars, and some of Thailand's most treasured hot spots. Have you seen the movie “The Beach?" Don’t worry if you haven’t, because you will have the chance to experience it firsthand with a visit to Maya Beach!

Day Eighteen

  • Catch a ferry across to Koh Phi Phi (2hrs), check into the hotel and head straight out for an afternoon of shopping and beach antics. Watch the sun go down after a beautiful viewpoint hike to the top of Koh Phi Phi.
  • Included Experiences: Viewpoint Hike

Day Nineteen

  • Enjoy a relaxed trek across the sand and rocks to Long Beach. One of the most beautiful beaches you will see. Watch the sun go down and then catch a long tail boat back to harbor, just in time to head out and enjoy the beach fire shows
  • Included Experiences: Trek to Long beach, Beach Fire shows 

Day Twenty 

  • Take to the ocean for a booze cruise like no other! Jet straight to monkey beach to witness monkeys in their natural habitat, and then stop off in Maya Bay to see where 'The Beach' was filmed. It truly is spectacular!
  • Optional Activities: Koh Phi Phi Booze Cruise (1600 Baht)
AO NANG (3 Nights)

Ao Nang is a new, incredible destination on our Thailand tours that we can't wait to share with you! It's a small yet memorable resort town in southern Thailand's Krabi Province. Known for a long Andaman coast beachfront and access to dive sites off the nearby islands in its bay, it marks the centre of tourism in Krabi province. From tailor shops to boat tours to bars, every convenience imaginable is at your fingertips here. With endless beaches, framed by limestone headlands and tied together by narrow strips of golden sand, you'll be living the paradise lifestyle. 

Day Twenty One

  • Spend the morning travelling by Ferry and bus (3hrs) to Ao Nang.
  • Once settled in, feel free to explore the beautiful town or relax on the golden beaches. 

Day Twenty Two 

  • Wake up early for a delicious breakfast before we head out to spend the day kayaking through the mangrove forests. 
  • Included Experiences: Sea Kayaking through Mangrove Forests
  • Optional Activities: Ao Nang Pub Crawl (450 Baht)

Day Twenty Three

  • We're waking up early and heading to Koh Klang for the day! Immerse yourself in an authentic Thai-Muslim cultural experience. To begin, we will learn how rice is peeled whilst exploring some of Thailand's naturally beautiful rice fields, as well as a traditional mill. After this we then have the opportunity to observe how to create a Batik painting, both an art and a craft, before creating our own! To finish off, we will head to a local boat factory to see how our favourite method of transport in the Land Of Smiles is created.
  • Included Experiences: Koh Klang Day Trip, Explore Rice Fields, Batik Painting Class, Boat Factory Visit. 

Day Twenty Four

  • Free day for beach side chilling, cocktail drinking and fun in the sun (or shade if you've had enough sunshine!) before we take an overnight train to Kanchanaburi (11hrs). 

Kanchanaburi is a charming town west of Bangkok that will fulfill your desire to immerse yourself in the culture and history of Thailand.

Day Twenty Five

  • Arrive in the early hours of the morning, settle into your rooms and freshen up for a full day of exploring seven wonderful waterfalls at Erawan National Park. 
  • Included Experiences: Erawan National Park visit 

Day Twenty Six

  • Free day to enjoy optional activities! 
  • Optional Activities: Water-park (300 Baht), Cooking Class (700 Baht), Wat Tam Sua Temple (130 Baht), Rainbow Lodge Buffet & Karaoke (150 Baht).

Day Twenty Seven

  • Hop on a bike and peddle your way through the streets of Kanchanaburi, stopping off at the Bridge Over the River Kwai, a War Museum and a Chinese Temple. Dress big this evening for Sugar Member Bars Costume Party!
  • Included Experiences: Bike Tour, War Museum & Bridge Over the River Kwai visit, Chinese Temple, Night Market, Costume Party.
  • Optional Activities: Water-park (300 Baht), Cooking Class (700 Baht), Wat Tam Sua Temple (130 Baht)
SINGBURI (2 Nights)

This experience is quite often a highlight of the tour & evokes memories of summer camp, leaving everyone with a warm mushy feeling after volunteering to teach English to eager locals. Please Note: Peetim will provide three meals a day for an additional cost of 500 baht per day, they are delicious!

Day Twenty Eight

  • Hop on a bus straight to Singburi (4hrs) and enter Peetims Home Stay. A place like no other where you will automatically feel like you're at a family members home. Visit a bat cave as the sun sets and watch thousands of bats exit their den and enter the outside world!
  • Included Experiences: Visit a Bat Cave

Day Twenty Nine

  • Today is a day for you to give back to the country that's shared its heart and soul with you. Volunteer with local kids or orphan monks (depending on the day) and teach them English in a fun and creative environment. Once the kids have gone home you will visit Ayutthaya Monkey Temple and feed the monkeys some popcorn
  • Included Experiences: Volunteer Day (Teach English to School Children) and Monkey Temple Visit

Day Thirty 

  • Spend the day chilling at the homestay, pack your bags and get ready for an overnight train up to Chiang Mai (10 hrs)
CHIANG MAI (4 Nights)

Thailand’s 2nd largest city, Chiang Mai is nestled into the northern foothills and is know for its down to earth charm and untouched culture.

Day Thirty One

  • Arrive in Chiang Mai around 8am. Head out on a bike tour of the city and stop off at some of the North's most beautiful temples. Ever fancied Bungee Jumping? You have the chance to complete those bucket list opportunities this afternoon too before we head to the market for dinner. 
  • Included Activities: City Bike Tour
  • Optional Activities: Bungee Jump (2000 Baht)

Day Thirty Two

  • Adventure day! Stop off at an Orchid Plantation and butterfly farm on our way out of Chiang Mai and up to the mountains. We will trek through the jungle until we reach Mae Sa Waterfall. Once we've enjoyed a dip in the fresh mountain water, we're having a go at white water rafting before stopping off for lunch.
  • Included Experiences: Orchid Plantation, Mae Sa Jungle Waterfall Trek, White Water Rafting/Bamboo Rafting (weather dependant) on the beautiful Mae Ping River.

Day Thirty Three

  • Free day! Explore Chiang Mai as you wish - hit the shopping mall, visit the canyon, go zip lining or chill by the pool. Be back at the hotel before dinner and head to the night bazaar market to shop until you drop!
  • Included Experiences: Night Bazaar Market
  • Optional Activities: Zip-lining (2000 Baht) 

Day Thirty Four

  • The day you've all been waiting for... a day spent with rescued elephants in an ethical way. Learn about these majestic creatures, feed them, watch them play in the mud and wash them with their Mahouts. 
  • Included Experiences: Ethical Elephant Experience
PAI (3 Nights)

This magical tiny town is set in a picture perfect mountain valley and has tons of activities to keep visitors entertained. You will have the option to learn how to cook delicious Thai dishes, relax with yoga, or visit the amazing Pai Canyon.

Day Thirty Five

  • Take a mini bus from Chiang Mai to Pai (3hrs), check into the hotel and spend the afternoon chilling by the pool and relaxing on hammocks overlooking farm land. Head to the night market for delicious Thai food and onto Almost Famous for the best cocktails in all of the land.

Day Thirty Six

  • Taste various tea's at a Chinese village on the outskirts of Pai. Watch the sunset over Pai Canyon and head out for a night on the town
  • Included Experiences: Santichon Chinese Village, Pai Canyon

Day Thirty Seven

  • Take part in a traditional Thai Cooking class and then enjoy a free day to explore the mystical town of Pai. 
  • Included Experiences: Cooking Class
  • Optional Activities: Pai Hotsprings (200 Baht), Yoga Class (300 Baht), Piranha Fishing (300 Baht)

Day Thirty Eight

  • Check out and head on a mini bus back to Chiang Mai (3hrs) and a night train back to Bangkok (11hrs)
BANGKOK (1 Night)

Day Thirty Nine

  • Arrive in the early hours of the morning and spend your final day last minute shopping for souvenirs before a final Group Farewell Dinner at the tallest building in Thailand.
  • Optional Experiences: Group Farewell Dinner at tallest building in Thailand (750 Baht) *transport at an additional cost*

Day Forty

  • Tour ends after hotel check out and goodbyes are said to new travel buddies. Flights depart throughout the day

Please note that this itinerary is subject to change. If you have any questions regarding the itinerary, or anything related to the tour, please feel free to email us at