BANGKOK (2 Nights)
  • Bangkok is a magical city steeped in culture. Some of the largest, oldest & most beautiful Buddhist temples are located here; If you need a break from the sites, it also has enough bargain shopping to occupy you for a lifetime!
  • Check into hotel and head straight out to explore
    bustling Bangkok.
  • Included Experiences: Orientation Meeting with your Group Leader, Wat Po Temple Visit, and trips to Khoa San Road (a popular traveller hub full of roadside pop up bars, restaurants, food vendors, shopping and hip nightclubs)
KOH TAO (5 Nights)
  • This beautiful island has something for everyone and has
    been made famous for being an excellent location for
    snorkeling, scuba diving and its gorgeous views. You will
    love watching the sunset on the beach steps away from
    your bungalow.
  • Included Experiences: Snorkelling, Beach Parties, Tour of Koh Nang Yuan, and a Viewpoint Hike
KOH PHANGAN (4 Nights)
  • Koh Phangan is famous for hosting the Full Moon Party and is
    paradise for the worlds party people! Chill out on soft white
    sand beaches, relax with a traditional Thai Massage and get
    ready to PARTY!
  • Included Experiences: Full Moon Party, Pool Party and Beach Days
KOH SAMUI (2 Nights) (May–August Only)
  • Koh Samui is the 3rd largest island in Thailand and known
    for its beauty, great beaches, and vibrant nightlife.
  • You will enjoy the pool at the hotel & 2-minute
    walk to the beach or bars, shopping, and tons of fantastic
    restaurants. Koh Samui also has great beach-front bars.
KRABI (3 Nights)
  • Krabi is the location of of our very own KrabiLife Homestay.
    Here you'll have an opportunity to learn about thai culture and
    soak up the sun by the pool with a cocktail in hand. We'll fill the
    days with activities and games. This is the perfect place to kick
    back, relax and enjoy some authentic Thailand.
  • Included Experiences: Palm Oil Plantation Tour, Waterfall Hike, Rubber Tree Plantation Tour & Namtok Ron Hot Springs
RAILAY (4 Nights)
  • You know the post cards you see of Thailand? Most of
    them are from here! Get ready to soak up some seriously
    beautiful scenery on this small peninsula.
  • Included Experiences: Caving, Sea Kayaking through
    Mangrove Forests, & Viewpoint Hikes
KOH PHI PHI (4 Nights)
  • This tiny island is packed with views to die for, awesome
    restaurants, beach bars, and some of Thailand's most treasured hot spots. Have
    you seen the movie “The Beach?" Don’t worry if you haven’t, because
    you will have the chance to experience it firsthand with a visit to Maya Beach!
  • Included Experiences: Viewpoint Hikes
PHUKET (2 Nights) (September–April Only)
  • Phuket is the largest island of Thailand with gorgeous beaches,
    a buzzing nightlife & no shortage of things to do. Grab yourself
    a large Chang and take in the area with all of its glory.
  • Kanchanaburi is a charming town west of Bangkok that will fulfill
    your desire to immerse yourself in the culture and history of Thailand.
  • Included Experiences: Ethical Elephant Experience, Erawan National Park visit & Bridge Over the River Kwai visit.
SINGBURI (2 Nights)
  • This experience is quite often a highlight of the tour & evokes
    memories of summer camp, leaving everyone with a warm mushy
    feeling after volunteering to teach English to eager locals.
  • Included Experiences: Volunteer Day (Teach English to School Children) and Monkey Temple Visit
CHIANG MAI (3 Nights)
  • Thailand’s 2nd largest city, Chiang Mai is nestled into the northern foothills and is know for its down to earth charm and untouched culture.
  • Included Experiences: Overnight Trek to visit the Long Neck Karon Hill Tribe & Lazy River Tubing on the
    beautiful Mae Ping River.
PAI (3 Nights)
  • This magical tiny town is set in a picture perfect mountain valley and
    has tons of activities to keep visitors entertained. You will have the
    option to learn how to cook delicious Thai dishes, relax with yoga, or
    visit the amazing Pai Canyon.
BANGKOK (1 Night)
  • Group Farewell Dinner at tallest building in Thailand (transport and dinner at an additional cost)
  • Last minute shopping trip for souvenirs
  • Tour ends after hotel check-out and goodbyes are said to new
    travel buddies. Flights depart throughout the day to head home or onto your next adventure!

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