For those adventurous souls that need to explore the divine depths of Peru in 11 days, we have developed an incredible tour to suit your needs. On our brand new Peru Discovery tour, we will be exploring the highlights of 6 amazing locations and taking part in 13+ unforgettable activities, all whilst creating life-lasting memories and friendships. Adventure-aside, did you know that Peru is known to be one of the best destinations for cuisine? If you are keen to let your tastebuds run wild after a day of soaring down sand dunes in buggies, visiting Machu Picchu, or as a way to chase down a tasting of the local liquor (Pisco,) then this is truly your ultimate tour destination. All you need is 11 days, and we will sort the rest out for you! 

Important Information Regarding Flights: We currently offer to include round-trip airfare departing from any location; if your location isn’t listed, select ‘other' during your sign-up according to your region, and include your requested departure city in the comments box. We offer to book flights on your behalf to provide a smooth trip for you, but you are more than welcome to book your own flights, in which case you would select a ‘land only’ tour. The difference in price between the land only cost of the tour, and your package price for the round-trip flights + tour option, is your flight allowance. If the cost of your flight is more than the flight allowance, then that difference will be communicated to you prior to booking the flights, which will then will be added to your invoice and booked only after receiving your confirmation. 

During the months of July, August & December, flights tend to increase in cost substantially, so there will most likely be an additional flight fee to fly during those times; however, please keep in mind that flights fees can occur at any time of the year because the aviation industry tends to have erratic pricing.  

Please note that if booking a tour within 1 month of departure, and are requesting flights, please contact us ahead of time as we may not be able to book flights on your behalf in that timeframe, but will be able to offer you an alternative solution.

Please note that due to time zones and travel time, flight departures are normally 1 day prior to the trip start date.


  • Welcome Information Booklet
  • Fun, easy-going trip leaders to ensure you are always having an amazing time!
  • Accommodation: Tried and tested to ensure the best location and quality
  • Transportation to and from each destination including some overnight buses
  • Highway Bread Oven
  • Slave Tunnel Visit
  • Market Sampling
  • Desert Bonfire
  • Sand boarding
  • Dune Buggies
  • Nazca Lines Viewing Tower
  • Pisco Vineyard tour

    • Guided Walking Tour Arequipa
    • Guided Walking Tour Cusco
    • Guided Walking Tour Lima
    • Hot Springs
    • Machu Picchu Guided Tour (unless you book
    • a trek with a third party operator)
    • Most breakfasts will be included at each hotel


    You will need to bring spending money for the following. We recommend a minimum of $50 USD per day, but bring more if you want to do more—the sky is the limit!)

    • Optional Activities
    • Travel Visas
    • Travel insurance (purchase prior to the trip)
    • Food
    • Alcohol
    • Shopping
    • Transportation to
    • Personal excursions (purchase prior to the trip) and/or any activities not included in the tour

    Optional Activities (USD):

    • Explore Old City ($15 USD)
    • Surfing ($15 USD)
    • Paragliding ($80 USD)
    • Visit Adobe Pyramids/Ancient Sites ($30 USD)
    • Rent ATV’s & Dune Buggies
    • Visit the Wake Board Park
    • Quad Rental ($50)
    • Colca Canyon Hike ($50 USD)
    • Chocolate Making Tour ($25 USD)
    • Museums/History Tours ($5-$30 USD)
    • Rafting ($35 USD)
    • Volcano Mountain Biking ($40 USD)
    • Cooking Class ($45 USD)