Meg Sylvester

Meg Sylvester is a highly experienced and passionate Spiritual Life Coach, Motivational Speaker and Soulful Retreat Facilitator. She works with purpose-driven, heart-centered dreamers, seekers, and action takers. She empowers women all over the world to transform their biggest barriers to fulfillment and peace: their subconscious beliefs. By combining mysticism and intuition with clarifying discussions and tangible strategy, she guides others to connect more deeply with their inner truth so that they can transmute their limiting beliefs and start pouring their energy into the action steps that will build momentum in their lives, careers and relationships.   

Leading women’s spiritual retreats and holding space for energetic healing is Meg’s absolute favorite way to deliver her guidance and service. She is a passionate healer, nurturer and lives what she teaches - compassion, kindness, and mindfulness.  She believes in the powerful connection humans have to nature and the subtle realm. As a gifted intuitive, Meg works with clients to tap into the wisdom and energy of their spirit guides, angels and inner guidance to live a life that feels on purpose.

Alyse Snyder

Alyse Snyder is an Integrative Medicine Specialist, Holistic Health Expert and Dream Facilitator. She is obsessed with whole body health and the connection between the physical, emotional and spiritual. She thrives by helping others tap into their energy, intuition, and the discovery of self-healing rituals. As a highly intuitive and heart-centered wellness advocate, she fully listens and tunes in to others' needs at a soul level.

Alyse works with you to create a healing path to empower your mind, energize your body, and elevate your soul. She is a mom to two amazing children, can often be found in nature, traveling, writing, and spreading love globally.


King Villa >> one king bed in a villa

Queen Villa >> two queen beds for two people sharing a villa

Queen Double Room >> two queen beds for two people sharing a room

Queen Single Room >> one queen bed for one person

All rooms are priced per person and space is extremely limited!