TAMARINDO (3 Nights)
  • Tamarindo is a unique beach town with lots of surf, sand
    and sun! It is surrounded by National Parks and has
    breathtaking mountain views
  • Included Experiences: Tour of the town, visit the beautiful
    white sandy beaches, full course activity day of zip-lining,
    abseiling, rock climbing, mud bath, horseback riding, and rafting by
    day. Once the night hits, we will hit the hottest party spots
    in Tamarindo.
  • It’s all about the waves in this town! If you love to surf or want
    to learn, this is the place! The beaches here are miles long
    and have beautiful tropical forests and underground caves to
    explore. The surrounding area offers nature reserves, waterfalls,
    and adventure activities
  • Included Experiences: Tour of Santa Teresa, a day of surf lessons
  • Optional Activities: ATV’s, surfing, zip lining, pool-parties,
    nature parks, waterfalls, jungle hiking, and swimming in three
    waterfalls. Explore Santa Teresa’s nightlife for all-night partying
    with the group.
LA FORTUNA (4 Nights)
  • La Fortuna is most famous for the Arenal Volcano and
    it is one of the biggest attractions in all of Costa Rica.
    The town is situated at the base of the conical shaped
    dormant volcano. Its beauty is something to truly be
    admired in person
  • Included Experiences: Tour of the town, a bath under the
    towering La Fortuna waterfalls, and eat until your heart is content on a guided chocolate tour. 
  • Optional Activities: There are endless experiences here
    to try, such as ATV’s and white water rafting through the
    natural beauty of La Fortuna
  • Monteverde is a huge ecotourism destination and is one of the
    Seven Natural Wonders of Costa Rica. It is surrounded by Cloud
    Forest and natural reserves
  • Included Experiences: Get the chance to fly through the “Cloud
    Forest” while strapped to the longest section of zip-lines in Latin
    America, complete with a repel and the daring “Tarzan Swing”
  • Optional Activities: Participate in plenty of optional activities
    such as bungee jumping, horseback riding, coffee tour,
    butterfly garden, ATV’s, rafting, hanging bridges, and a night
    tour. Wander the small town and sample the tasty cuisine, while
    checking out the local bars and party the Monteverde way.

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