Karl Parrish​ - ★★★★★

I happened to come across Life Before Work by chance and trust me when I say, I'm glad I did! I took part in their IslandLife tour late March and it was just incredible. Everything about it from the location, the people & the music. Even how it was all put together and how well executed it was. Just amazing! I've never experienced such a positive vibe from so many people in one week. What LBW has created is something else. Everyone was so friendly, open and up for having such a great time. If you've been looking at travelling but with unique and wonderful people, I definitely recommend Life Before Work. My experience was one of a kind & one which I will never ever forget. I cannot wait to get involved with more of their tours. 10/10. Thoroughly impressed!

May 10 2017 - at 9:26pm

Brianna Felts​ - ★★★★★

After 5 tours in 3 continents I can say without a doubt that LBW is the best tour group out there. When you take a tour with LBW you set yourself up to join a family. You become a part of this amazing tour community you didn't realize existed, full of like-minded individuals who believe that travel and exploration are the core values of happiness. LBW makes backpacking and travelling easy and feasible. You get to have some of the craziest experiences you never thought possible. They have an equal mix of party and cultural experiences on all the tours I've been on. I've done Full Moon in Thailand, Sunday Funday in SJDS, Costa Rican surfing, booze cruises, Ultra Europe, penguin onesie parties in the middle of the ocean on a yacht, then recently IslandLife on a remote island in Panama with the Kuna people.

May 10 2017 - at 9:28pm